Advanced Fire Alarm
Advanced Fire Alarm
The Standard in Fire Systems
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Advanced - The Worlds Fire Alarm System

Advanced is known all over the world for making the best quality, best performing fire systems.

We design ‘easy’ into our products. We make it easy to set up a one panel system or a complicated 200 panel network. We make our software intuitive. We deliver fast, accessible support, training and service. Above all, we make it easy to rely on an Advanced system.

Fire Systems are in our DNA. Our people are among the most talented and experienced in the fire systems business.

Our systems are protecting people and property in over 60 countries world wide, in many of the most prestigious and challenging locations. We realize our growth comes from the strongest customer relationships. We stay friendly, flexible and reactive to your requirements and our customer service is consistently rated excellent.

The system can be configured for the smallest application to the largest, easily and cost effectively configured to suit any requirement, be it Residential Apartment/Condominium, Commercial/Office Building, Industrial Site or Shopping Centre.

                                                                            Axis AX
System Layout

High Performance Panels

Axis AX is our highest performing ULC compliant panel range and comes complete with digital audio. Axis AX is the result of decades of fire alarm and detection experience and research and development involving installers, specifiers, consultants and end users across the world.

Axis AX panels have been designed to offer more power and performance in a user friendly format. 

Axis AX packs in more configuration, control and interface options than any comparable Advanced panel. Multiple advanced features mean it will maintain its performance advantages for years to come. 

All of the Intelligent Fire Alarm Control Panels in the AX Series consist of identical electronic modules and can be programmed from a laptop PC configuration tool. 

Axis AX’s features have been proven to sharply reduce installation time, help identify wiring and programming errors, provide local and remote system diagnostics as well as providing exceptional fire detection without nuisance alarms.

Every Axis AX panel features Advanced’s unbeatable networking capabilities and Dynamix Tools fire panel software making it easy to use, configure and maintain, from the smallest to the largest of sites and with complicated cause-and effect.

  • * 2,or 4 loop formats, each digital signaling line circuit support up to 126 intelligent devices
  • * 1,000 Fire Zones when networked or 200 per panel
  • * Easy, high performance networking (up to 200 nodes), True peer to peer networking
  • * Supports shielded wire, non-shielded wire and fibre optic lines
  • * Superb noise immunity and emissions
  • * 2 or 4 voltage regulated NACs compatible with most listed NAC devices
    • * Panel includes large 240x60 backlit LED with
    • * 100% digital communications on the SLC to all intelligent smoke detectors and I/O modules
    • * Fast response and superior rejection of unwanted RF noise.
    • Fully integrated 40/80 Watt digital audio options
    • * Autolearn and Loop detection
    • * Quick start and protect - A working system after an Auto learn is performed


Axis AX LogoPeripherals

The Axis AX fire alarm control panels may be customized to suit virtually any application. Axis AX peripherals include:

  • Integrated and/or networked audio options (see following pages)
  • Conventional Zone Module (8 Class A or 4 Class A) - up to 16 modules per panel
  • 4 or 8 Way high current relay modules
  • Dual NAC Expander
  • Style 4 & Style 7 network modules
  • Fiber optic network converter module
  • 48 Way I/O Switch/LED Driver
  • Panel mounted printer
  • 16 Way switch/48 LED module
  • Modem module

Axis AX LogoRemote Annunciators

  • Panel interface PCB
  • Full DUAL redundancy control and indication
  • Automatic hot standby
  • All monitored field wiring circuits can be switched
  • Manual control operation
  • Status LED indictors
  • Panels can be located in standard enclosures or 19” rack mount enclosure


Axis AX DevicesDevices

Intelligent Detectors and Loop Powered Intelligent Devices

All Advanced Intelligent Detectors and Loop Powered devices come with a 10 year warranty.

  • Built in automatic drift compensation that will maintain the detector’s sensitivity at a constant level even with severe chamber contamination.
  • Drift compensation values are stored in the head, not the fire panel, and remain there even if power is removed from the head.
  • 5 programmable sensitivity settings.
  • Built in periodic test facility that meets code requirements.
  • Programmable maintenance alert and dirty detector warning
  • All PCBs conformal coated to protect against corrosion
  • Patented XPerT address setting in the base protects against common errors that occur during servicing. Insures match between the base and type of detector as well as correct sensitivity setting.
  • Superior false alarm immunity
Relative Detector Sensitivity
  • Dual red LEDs, with 360 degree view, indicate polling and alarm activation.
  • High speed digital communications provide rejection of common ambient RF noise
  • Low profile
  • Resilient plastic (94 V0) that will not discolor over time

Axis AX LogoSensors & Bases

Intelligent Modules

Axis AX LogoNAC & Conventional Devices